The Generation of Butt Hurt


Thats all I have to say really. I am utterly shocked at the amount of sensitive butt hurt people in the world today. The generation they refer to as “The millennials” should be the generation they refer to as “Offended 24/7”. 

I would say that I spend a fair bit of my time on social media and with that I get to reading people’s comments and posts, keeping up with all the bloggers and things of that nature. Every now and again I get a wild hair to make a comment on someone’s post or shared social status or what have you. And usually as soon as I make a comment on a post, no matter what it is about, I get that one person or group of people that decide to tell me how offensive and terrible my comment is. But to be brutally honest with you, that comment in no facet was rude or disrespectful in anyway.. I wouldn’t post something like that if I felt it was rude or disrespectful, especially on somebody else’s post. That’s just not how I roll, unless it’s a family member and then they going to get what they go to get haha. 

I’m in a large amount of different groups on Facebook each unique in its own way and has a different theme or genre of people. I like people watching, it’s a favorite hobby of mine, and what better way than to silently stalk and judge people from behind a digital screen. So in my silent judging and watching, every now and again I decide to post a comment or two or remark, sticker or smiley face. You know, the normal things to do. 

Well… hmm… Sometimes, apparently, a sticker comment of pusheen the cat is racist. Which is news to me. How dare I allow myself, a Christian woman who is also a bigot and now racist, to put a sticker comment of a fat cat as a reply to a comment. And now with writing that I have probably also offended a “large boned” or “thick” person in using the word fat. Can’t win for losing.. I was simply responding to a replying comment from the original post that I thought was humorous, not that I thought the original post was funny (or I would’ve commented on that) but I figured the effort put into the replying comment was funny enough to receive note. 


Brutally, and without yield. Unrelenting pure unadulterated hatred was blasted at me from left me right, front and back, up and down, it was like a furious blast of hurricane winds and Side winding rain. Berated.. just absolutely no words can more describe the awful words that were spewed at me at such a fast pace I could barely grow emotionally inclined at one comment before another was regurgitated out. 

At first I thought, meh.. no way are all of these directed towards me.. Must be from the replying post, or someone mistaking the replying post comment section for the original post comment section. But no, every.single.comment. Was meant for me, the pusheen pasting sticker putter girl.. Death threats. Over pusheen the cat. That, my friends, is true dedication. 

Butt hurt

That’s it, that’s all I got. That this era of humans is trained to be offended for everything, sue happy, safe place pacers, extremely opinionated, disgraces to the existence of this race. This is what happens when you raise an entire generation on Ridellan and therapy instead of respect and spankings. They have zero threshold for understanding anything other than their own feelings and ideologies that have been forced fed to them since daycare-hood. Completely disrespectful, self loving creatures that have capped the mental ability to comprehend life in a whole. To stuck on race, color, sexual orientation (or lack there of), historical preference, religious beliefs, political beliefs, the freaking list goes on. 

The way I see it

We are all people, we all bleed red, we all die, we all feel, hurt, cry, we are moms, dads, children, family. 

We are all family

So the next time someone posts a sticker or pusheen the cat, step back and appreciate the view of someone that is just doing life today and felt like a smile. It’s not the end of the world, yet, so lighten up and keep scrolling and just leave pusheen alone. 

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