So far, So…. Very very far

Things are going swimmingly

By swimmingly, I mean drowning, ugly gasping drowning. I have started this twisty turny death drop into the bottomless pit of all things that are unholy, also known as setting up a YouTube channel, backdrop, and gear. When I decide to do something I like to go as professional as possible, only not $4000.00 nikon professional… More like $400.00 JVC Everio pawnshop special professional, bed sheet and cheap ring light, filming in our old winter holiday travel camper professional. Still trying to figure out audio and how in the HELL to get the damn video off the camera professional. You know, as legit as absolutely possible, 4k video pro……………..

Basically as Redneck as possible

By Redneck I mean I’m filming in a camper with my CAMO Crocs on attempting to not talk with my accent and proverbs to confuse those poor Yankee, I mean, northern folks, Southern challenged??? Which one sounds more politically correct? While drinking my sweet tea, and Google-ing how to sound proof a camper without flagging the FBI. Its just cause my rooster wont stop crowing in the background!! I swear I’m not trying to set up a rolling human slaughter house!! My neighbor behind me on the other hand, I have my doubts.

I am going as fast as I can

That’s what she said.. In all seriousness though, I am setting up and filming as much and as fast as possible. The editing is actually going to be the easier part once I can get the data on to my computer that is. I know, who uses a computer anymore with the tablet and cellphone tech we have. The day I can get a pro version of photoshop on my iPhone is the day I’ll chunk out my laptop. I just want to give you all the best experience and look like I kinda know what I’m doing.

Story Time

That is going to be the main focus of my videos to start on a Bi-weekly bases followed by a every other day rant of some sort with a maybe once a week Vlog on a weekly recap of the craziness I contend with. Who knows though, nothing is set in stone. Anyway, just hang tight while I figure out this disaster I’ll update here before anywhere else.


Thanks Y’all, an stay Blessed

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