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Its been a while

Ive been doing some serious soul searching the last few months. With that, of course if you want to go forward you have to look back and within. My version of back isnt so much on my life but those lives BEFORE me.. My ancestors, My heritage, My Family History. Ive been dipping back into seclusion and my hermit ways, which usually includes mass intake of The Office and unhealthy amount of seasons of Parks and Rec, but this time I decided to be different. FAMILY HISTORY was the topic of my compulsion, copious amounts of family searching, and I believe know me on a first name basis at this point on my tree. During that soul searching of other souls to find mine, I came across some pretty neat information about myself, about my fam, my clan, my homies, my kindred… Kindred? yup, I went old school cause it gonna be extremely appropriate in about two sentences.

Im German

Ok, I lied.. I changed paragraphs before I spilled the beans. As the previous statement says, Im German. So German in fact, I make German people look not German and thats saying a lot since I have 2 generations of cross breeding since the Father Land was involved. Thats what my DNA test from ancestry says anywhoo. Knowing THAT I was German was no big surprise since my German speaking grandfather who lives with me shouldve been a red flag at some point, or that I cant write “speaks two languages” on a job application with not an issue in the slightest, but how much of my blood was German. In times like today being German should be something you hide, with all the white pride stuff and nazi being thrown around like a tennis ball. But I dont find it to be shaming, people make mistakes and time goes on if others can be proud then so can I, damnit.. While going BAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKKK and I mean REALLY far back I got into where it became difficult to hunt actual paper documents. Thats when it started getting interesting, I started to find travel documents and information from my family tree that pointed towards farming folk and folk that lived off the land and DEEP in the land in a tribal type fashion.

Just like that it ended

I couldnt find anything else. I couldnt find any new information, it just fell apart as fast as I started on the fire trail of my history was as fast as it went up in smoke. It was awful, it left me angry, upset, curious, and hungry. Hungry for more information, like a good book that just ended on chapter 22 with a couple hundred empty pages left in behind it. So, I did what any insane person would do and started Googling my little fingers to the bone at the last shred of information that was handed to me. I found that I was apart of a Germanic Tribe, one of the 12 tribes that settled different parts of Europe and migrated around a lot. Raping the land and pillaging women and all of that fun stuff, sailing boats around and conquering different lands, starting trade routes with different cultures and lands and even visited North America BEORFE Christopher Columbus.. Say WHAAA?!?!?! Yup, my ancestor were good old fashioned Vikings and Pagan Heathen Vikings none the less.

Here we are

Here we are, with me now knowing under no uncertain circumstances was I going to be able to find out anymore information on my family because they didnt leave a record. None of the Vikings did, besides some runes left here and there basically just saying so and so was here.. like these. So the end result is now I know, I know now where I came from, who I am, and where I am going. Which is like a piece of mind and I feel at rest with myself standing on a more solid ground. I will now start down the rabbit hole on my Viking Heritage and take yall along with me for the ride.

Happy Alfablot

Happy Alfablot my kindred, a welcome to Winter Nights and growing closer to the thinning of the veil between the living and the dead and the Great Hunt of Odin! Heres to keeping the elves at bay, the slaughter of the older creatures in our care, the end of a happy Harvest, the honoring of the women in our lives and ones weve lost. Raise a horn of mead and start a fire in their honor!!

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