My New Adventure

I decided to do a thing

I have, for whatever God forsaken reason, decided to start up my YouTube channel to share my life. So, I did the thing in probably THE WORST time to try and do a thing especially with YouTube. I don’t have that many subscribers yet, so of course they wont let me do a cool URL that is actually relevant to me or my name.


Just like every other idiot I think my life is pretty comical at times and as such needs to be shared with the world the best way is the magical digital dimension that is called THE INTERNET. My end all goal is to see how many people I can offend in a single day, With all these Snow Flakes and SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) they should accomplish my goal with short work. I imagine by the time y’all read this that my channel would be blocked or banned to some degree.

Not for my political views of course

More or less for my dry, terrible, and offensive humor.. Which I have loads of, just so many. Obscene amounts of terrible humor that some would consider Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Fascist, Sexist, and overly Misogynistic. I most definitely say That’s what she said entirely too much. It’s just soo ever. living. tempting. to say it after almost anything and I’m pretty sure one of my strong points on my resume is making a sexual pun out of thin air. I bring the tension with ease…… That’s what she said


On a legitimate serious note

I am almost writing this blog as evidence for when the witch hunters come to get me. I have proof with this date stamp!!! Unless of course some hacker gets on here and messes with it in which case, this is irrelevant. I’ll be on cell block 9 attempting to not be raped with a broom handle, which actually happens by the way.

I must confess

That I 100% take no offense or prejudice to any person of color, either brown, beige, or black skin in any facet. Nor do I have any ill feelings or prejudices to any of my fellow LGBT community (in which those acronyms have been out of control on lately). I also do not hold any prejudice against any LEGAL immigrants that want to come to America to become Americans and embrace our culture and way of life instead of trying to manipulate and change it. I’m all for hardworking people just trying to make a better life for their families and themselves, half my genealogy shares that same story. This is my written testimony as it is that I strive to be like Jesus Christ with Love and Entrancement of everyone, to a point. I refuse to put my family or self in harms way with that though..


Feel free to go visit my YouTube and laugh at me, or leave and insulting comment or maybe both?? I especially like “gay”, “fake”, “fascist” and my all time favorite of “Go Die”. I hope to see some very inspirational feedback from you all who care to care.


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