Lyfe of a Husband

My Moment

I had a moment today,  I am planning on buying my husband a new iPad mini 4. I know, not a fabulous moment to advertise but I swear that’s not all. I was having a moment of displeasure in my thoughts of buying him a tablet. You see, my husband is not a tech guy.. Actually, he’s not much of any kind of guy. 

My Problem

I grew upset that in my train of thought of buying him a new iPad. I said “self, he has an LG Gpad that he doesn’t even use, why buy a new iPad that he won’t use too?”. He does have a nice basically new tablet that he never uses, I’m being serious, it just sits on the bookshelf collecting dust. So I figured at that point that I was growing a little upset at why I would want to waste his good money on buying him a new tablet for him to just waste it. I mean, he doesn’t use his tablet now.. nothing like I do at least. He never reads books, blogs or articles, never watches YouTube or Netflix, never goes on social media (unless he’s pooping). 

I’m legitimate, he does nothing. 

My thoughts

So at this time I was still slightly bitter over not spoiling him with lavish gifts that he actually would use. Then it kinda hit me.. This poor guy doesn’t use the stuff not because he doesn’t necessarily want to but because he can’t. He busts his tail working 65+ hours a week comes home tired and maybe gets one day off a week just to provide for us and keep us happy. In with that, he has no time for himself like surprisingly myself gets. He goes gets up, feeds the horses, goes to work, comes home, eats, feeds the horses again, bathes the kids, sleeps, and repeat.

He has no hobbies, from the outside he looks boring, his facebook feed is a joke, he has no widgets or fun things in his phone unless I put them there, he can call and text and kinda Google things, but really.. 


He does have hobbies.. 


Like a fat sack of fancy red bricks, you know, the good heavy fancy ones.. Just right in the face.

He has hobbies 

His hobbies

His hobbies include, waking up to my ugly mug, long Bluetooth conversations on the way to and from work with me, coming home to sticky kisses, eating not so quiet meals together, wrestling with the kids, playing with everyone while we all tend the critters together, teaching the kids how to drive the tractor, splash fights during bath time, reading scriptures and stories before bed, cuddling me and rubbing my feet while I pick the same movie on Netflix for the 500th time. Repeat.. 


So really, who is it that doesn’t have hobbies? And whose hobbies are more wholesome and most important? 

Lessons learned

He doesn’t need a new iPad, maybe I need to learn from my husband and let my iPad get a little like his Gpad and get some dust on it too. 
But I’m probably going to get him one anyway, cause he deserves it.

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