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Sometimes life has a way of beating you up and leaving you for dead.. but thats the funny thing about life, it likes to live. So just before you give your last dying wish life just kicks back into gear and keeps you from the brink.

In Ruins

My life was in ruins.. and absolute disaster and half, awful, terrible, and I was defeated. Straight up. For over a year we were in constant house search and with that constant bank search for someone to tell us we werent useless trash. Cause apparently buying a home in todays economy is like striking oil in the middle of New York city and it requires stool, blood, and sperm samples, your first born, and 52 virgins. We were beat to say the least and I had given up long ago, Im pretty sure my husband gave up a few times but got a few second winds. Needless to say I had officially decided a house was not in our future EVER and I started getting depressive and disheartened, aside from just everything else that could go wrong did. Cars broke, motorcylces crapped out, we had to get rides from friends and family to places while repairs were being done, phones broke, we all got sick. Just one thing after another.. My car keys too, I NEVER lose my keys, ever. Twice in one week I locked them in my car. Twice FREAKING twice I locked them in my car and my husband had to drive an hour home from work to unlock my car.


We were so stressed out, living in a place too small for the five of us and the dogs. Its been a rough year for sure.. I figured tiny home living would bring us closer together, dont get me wrong, it kinda did. But we let go of soo many creature comforts at once and it was a system shock. It might work later on with a gradual switch, definitely not now though! We were trying to save up money for a down payment big enough for the queens mansion, getting slammed with bill after bill and unexpected expenses constantly and a tax lien that creeped up on my husband from his previous marriage. I was touchy and sensitive to say the least and everything was awful and everybody sucked.. That seemed feasible at the time anyway.

Just give up

I was fixen to just give up, pack it in, cut my losses and accept that we were stuck and that was our life and we just had to deal with it… It happened at that time. I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a picture. It totally snapped my perspective of things and shook me to the core, The picture read “Dont give up, the beginning is always the hardest”. It was totally crazy, like all of the sudden it hit me that the struggle we were having was the beginning of something great that was planned and that maybe we should keep fighting for something unknown.

Then, it happened.. My husband got a call, it was for a house, of course he was excited that an offer we gave got accepted but we had yet to find a bank to approve us so I was anything but caring. I was a negative Nancy.. And I was awful!! A day later, he got another call it was a bank, they approved us for a loan. I about spat my drink out when he texted me letting me know that HE was of course right and we would be getting a home soon. I still was in disbelief that all of this time we were unapproved for everything and all of the sudden approved? Totally not working for me. HE WAS RIGHT, we had been approved the offer WAS accepted and we would be closing in a month. I still wasnt believing anything…

Fast Forward

The month had come and gone, the closing came and went, the move in and repairs happened and I now sit on my porch over looking my acreage, our children and dogs play, the horses graze, and the chickens peck. Life is perfect
My gosh, it took what felt like an eternity, but there is a point. I wouldnt write this garbage if there wasnt.


Life is life, dont give up. Im sure I will have hard times again and something will come by and knock me off my perch. Life has a way of humbling people, I believe that now. Life has a way of knocking you down and draggingyou through the mud, dirt, and crap and just as you stand up to brush off it takes a cheap shot at the back of your knee and knocks you down again. Ill make you a promise, and you can hold me to it, when you finally do stand back up, look up. Look up, and youll see why. Why you went and delt with all of what you did. If your smart (since you are reading this I know you are) You will see then that there was a lesson involved, an experienced wrapped in that disaster somewhere that YOU needed to get to where you have to go at sometime in your life. I needed to learn Patience and how to be humble and accepting. I was little to none of those things before this, but everything and I mean everything happens for a reason. Just remember..

Lyfe is Lyfe

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