Lost all Hope

Hope is a funny word

However strange that word may be it is used in a variety of ways.. From religious, to a name, or a comforting word. for one reason or another some words are words, and others are more.. more how?


As odd as it sounds some words have feelings, ask anyone that has ever cried after being called a hurtful name, finding out a loved one has died, or being told their companion is no longer in love. Ask them, I dare you. You will get more raw emotion in verbal form than you ever knew possible. Why do you think they say the pen is mightier the the sword?? It most definitely is.

The pen is mightier than the sword

Well, People have a way of being over analytical especially towards themselves. About their weight, height, muscle-tone, skin color, hair color, clothing, house, car, finances, you name it. Not only are we judgmental on ourselves we tend to have the natural man come out and judge each other. That is the worst thing we could ever do. I’ll elaborate, if you are unhappy for yourself for lets say…. your clothes. You are exhibiting jealousy and envy for someone or something you saw or heard at one point or another. So lets say you heard someone say that purple polka dotted shoes were the most amazing shoes ever and anyone who’s anyone should be wearing those polka dotted purple shoes. All the famous people wear them, the singers, actors, rich people all wear these purple shoes. You CRAVE these purple shoes, to fit in with a higher crowd. For people to envy you for your purple polka dotted shoes, be jealous of you, compare you to the rich people that you clearly must be. Meanwhile on the inside who are you?? Not the confident person you are trying to be by dreaming of those purple polka dotted shoes. If you were that person you would see that those shoes are just absolutely ridiculous and by no means would you ever wear them.

Instead of working on that feeling of inadequacy you feel one way or another you are swayed by the words of others. The cold emotions you get from those empty false words, being told you are nothing because you don’t have those purple polka dotted shoes. It breaks you down over time, trying to “fit in” with the crowd. What society and the world tells you you should be like, act like, dress like, talk like. Its awful.. Some people can never live up to that expectation, or do just one fad shy of the next.

You begin to lose HOPE

Hope to be the coolest, the best, the prettiest, the richest. But at what cost?? What is riding that short high of having the newest iPhone going to ACTUALLY do for you? What maybe could you desire? What could drive you? Having good morals? Having a loving family? a special skill you could hone? Being compassionate, loving, patient?

Did it ever occur that the skills you could be developing during that adversity of those words?

Like I said earlier, Hope is a funny word. You only know the feeling of the word in situations that you normally wouldnt find too pleasant. Hope for better days, Hope to not be sick anymore, “Don’t lose Hope!”, “Hope everything works out!”..

HOPE is like WISH

“You get what you work for, not what you hope for”

What about hopes and wishes? Hoping and wishing is the same thing, putting your faith into something, nothing, that things will get better BE better someday. Hopes and wishes are a fairy tale thing that only kids and birthday candles do, that’s awful. Everyone should keep hoping and wishing and dreaming just like little children, Malachi 4:6. You can work hard everyday towards the wrong goal. Why would you want to work hard to BE like people that taint you? Stain you from the greatness you truly are, lower your standards and morals? What if all that hard work was in vain and you tried to hone a skill that was completely wrong?

Surround yourself with people of the same moral value of yourself

Dont be judged because you wont conform to bad habits, or that you wont do something everyone else is doing or saying. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but bad habits tend to run in packs.. Remember people are judgmental awful things, the Natural-Man has a way of ruining.

So, bottom line in my rant of nothingness is.. DON’T let people blind you with the latest fade or iPhone, DON’T let people try to tell you how to act or say or feel, DON’T let peoples words get to you and stop your hopes and dreams and wishes. Keep striving to learn the valuable things that you CAN take with you everywhere and not need a bag to take. You cant take that iPhone with you when you die, but you CAN take your attitude, skills, compassion, and patience.

Be a Unicorn in a world full of toads

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