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As written in my previous post I discovered that my heritage goes back to My Germanic Tribal ancestors and as such Viking history. I have delved into the Germanic and European history of ancient times and just fallen in love with the entire subject. As its Halloween today, I decided to write about the rituals and ways of the Germanic tribes, Pre Christian of course. (In a later post Ill write about the Chistianization of the Germanic Tribes)

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In this post Ill be focusing on the ritual Alfablót which is done around the time of Winter Nights or Halloween. Some of these blóts or rituals are of mixed decent and could be argued to be just Norwegian, just Swedish, or borrowed by certain Tribes depending on geographical location. Im sure Ill catch some arguments from this post, but I love to discover more historically correct information so Im ok with all of that. Lets get going with it though!!


Alfablót is translated loosely as Elf Sacrifice, or a sacrifice to the Elves. Elves in the generalized phrase were considered that to “spirits” not to be confused with fairies or that of the like. These blóts were usually done in secrecy on the family homestead or farm unlike most rites preformed in a larger kindred group. It was a smaller rite administered usually by the woman of the home and mostly involving invocation of Odin and during those rites the one leading was referred to as Ölvir, which is also translated to Beer or Mead. It is left to assume these private homestead rites or blóts during this season were a more personal family oriented giving of Thanks for the years Harvest and health of home, crops, and livestock. Many believed the invitation or arrival of strangers to the homestead or farm was a taboo of sorts and considered unlucky and would anger the elvish spirits. The rite was preformed as a gathering of the home dwellers and a time of solace to appreciate those in the home and what they do for the family and give thanks, so a feast of Beer and Meat was to be expected as part of this rite. Like a private Thanksgiving meal with no outside kin or strangers, a very intimate family centered gathering lead by the woman of the home… With lots of Beer and Meat.

Sounds like my kinda party

Alfablót sounds like my kind of party. A quiet meal alone with my family just appreciating each other for who and what we are, to be thankful for what we have and what we accomplished during the life of the year. Before Yule and the beginning of the death of the year, before the Great Hunt of Odin, just in the perfect time to catch your breath and just breathe in what is most important. FAMILY

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