About Brock

I am a manager, chef, personal assistant, IT supervisor, trainer, counselor, interior designer, mechanic, chauffeur, seamstress, electrician, maid, plumber, teacher, nurse, fashion designer, hair dresser, and mediator.. or to consolidate all of that into two words mom and wife.

My Story

Every person has a Lyfe, and this is where I talk about mine
I live in North central Florida on our horse farm with my wonderful family. I have an empty schedule and no time. My hobbies include, people watching and silent judgments.

Who am I

The nine virtues

I live my life by nine virtues, I have never been lead astray by them.

Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness, Perserverance

Have Courage when others dont, be the leader when others need it, be the rock. Tell the truth, no one wins to tell or hear lies. It only makes things worse for everyone. Honor, yourself, your family, your friends, your ancestors. You are the results of a 1000 loves, make them proud. Fidelity, be faithful.. To your spouse, your cause, your faith, to justice, at all costs. Discipline, for yourself and family, have a foundation that never shifts, structure thats solid and will be there forever. Never change that, it will be the saving grace for your children and future generations. Hospitality, give.. A lot and often. Be the host you would want and do what you can when you can, dont be burned more than once though. Self Reliance, dont lean on anyone but yourself, Dont borrow unless gifted, and return the gift as soon you can. Your home and those in it are the most important, take care of them and be ready for anything on your own. Industriousness, grow, build, develop and be prosperous. Work hard and play harder, be diligent, steady, and tireless in all works in life. Perserverance, if all else fails.. Fight, hang on, and keep moving. An old proverb says that the lame can still ride a horse, the maimed can still drive cattle, the deaf can fight in battle, and its better to be blind then dead.

I’m a Libertarian

I believe that business large or small create jobs and improve the economy. They should catch the majority of benefits and tax breaks to develop those jobs, I think jobs should be kept on US soil so I buy local and American. I believe in small government and freedom of the people, do as you please, stay out of my wallet and don’t tell me how to live my life. I believe in not having a welfare program, but a hand up not a hand out, basically if you are not willing to work or take the same precautions that anyone else does to have to work, then you do not need any help. If you are an immigrant here legally, welcome to America! If you are not here legally, please kindly turn around and step over the fence you just came in over. My views on abortion are for medical needs of the child or mother only and adoption should be heavily considered before.

The 2nd Amendment

I believe in our right to bare arms, I personally conceal carry and hope to have the option of open carry. The only surprises I like are in diapers.

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